Cleo Forstater’s mission is to always choose Love over fear. Allowing herself to embody and embrace all aspects of her truest self is self-love, and radical self-love is revolutionary.
Removing all boxes and constructs, Cleo is a human being who by following her joy is lead to dance, sing, paint, speak, write, create poetry, music and comedy. Twerking is her happy place, and her body is a God given vessel for universal cuddles.
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Cleo has begun sharing some of her lessons along her journey of being a Student of Love on YouTube

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CleeCo is a creative agency that develops innovative and strategic projects, tailor made for their clients - artists, creatives and brands - in order to connect them to new and existing audiences in an authentic way, facilitating real human connection.



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Self-Love Sessions

The journey of self-love is challenging, but you don't have to do it alone. Cleo wants to help you love yourself! Move past your perceived limitations and step into your power and purpose - book a one to one session now.



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Racism in the British Music Industry

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Get in touch if you want to book Cleo to speak or perform at your event, if you want her to run a workshop at your school or organisation, if you want to run some ideas by her, or if you just want to say hi and show some love. 


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