Cleo Forstater is a vessel for Christ's Love, a priestess/prophetess who shatters illusions and breaks hearts open with her raw authenticity. Making choosing Love over Fear her mission, she embodies feminine power by courageously exposing herself. Allowing herself to embody and embrace all aspects of her truest self is self-love, and radical self-love is revolutionary.

Removing all boxes and constructs, Cleo is a human being who by following her joy is lead to dance, sing, paint, speak, write, create poetry, music and bants. Twerking is her happy place, and her body is a God given vessel for universal cuddles.

Cleo is passionate about the healing power of music, art, dance and creation in general. Her creative agency - CleeCo - is revolutionising the music industry by allowing artists to be human beings, creating a powerful alternative to the ego fuelled hierarchical systems that currently dominate business. Her First Class undergraduate research study into Racism in the British Music Industry is available as a free download.

Co-Founder of The Goddess League, she is passionate about women’s empowerment and liberation.

Cleo has also written a book called numaH that is an expression of her process of choosing Love over Fear, and embodying vulnerability. numaH explores the experience of being human, and is a collection of Cleo’s self-reflections, that acts as an invitation for the reader to self-reflect through seeing themselves in Cleo’s words, and knowing they are not alone (available soon).

Cleo is also now offering 1:1 self-love sessions, to assist you personally on your self-love journey. Please get in touch to find out more. 




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