Cleo Forstater’s mission is to always choose Love over fear. Allowing herself to embody and embrace all aspects of her truest self is self-love, and radical self-love is revolutionary. Removing all boxes and constructs, Cleo is a human being who by following her joy is lead to dance, sing, paint, speak, write, create poetry, music and comedy. Twerking is her happy place, and her body is a God given vessel for universal cuddles. Cleo is passionate about the healing power of music, art, dance and creation in general. Her creative agency - CleeCo - is revolutionising the music industry by allowing artists to be human beings, creating a powerful alternative to the ego fuelled hierarchical systems that currently dominate business. Her First Class undergraduate research study into Racism in the British Music Industry is available as a free download. Cleo has also written a book called numaH that is an expression of her process of choosing Love over Fear, and embodying vulnerability. Numah explores the experience of being human, and is a collection of Cleo’s self-reflections, that acts as an invitation for the reader to self-reflect through seeing themselves in Cleo’s words, and knowing they are not alone.
Cleo is also now offering 1:1 self-love sessions, to assist you personally on your self-love journey. Please get in touch to find out more.




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