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The Goddess League

The Goddess League is more than an organization or movement--it is a new era birthing from within all of us who hear the call of the Divine Feminine. It is more than any one idea, but rather it is a collective vision that is constantly evolving and growing as more of us remember the truth of our feminine power.

In the summer of 2016, Cleo Forstater and Inka Linda felt the call of the Goddess channelling this vision through them to manifest it into reality as creative doulas. Since then fellow sisters have joined them to create a growing league of women dedicated to love and change. Using their shared power of social media, sociology, and creative expression, the founders wanted to create a platform and a community that shatters illusions about women coming together, for there is no greater force than women determined to rise. We live in a “modern” world where our relationships with each other have become so fragmented that our souls are yearning for community. Therefore we are reviving the Lost Village in our consciousness, where girls, mothers, elders once came together to learn from one another instead of compete with each other. We come together to heal, to grow, and to build, for it is up to us to be the change we wish to see and to create the future we deserve to live in. The Goddess League is as much a part of you as it is us; it is the prayer of our foremothers and the promise for our future children who shall inherit The New World. The Goddess League is a gift for all of us to honour the power of sisterhood, Mother Earth, the gifts of Goddess and ultimately the supreme power of Love .


We harness the power of social media to develop online and offline spaces to facilitate a movement of self-love. Our mission consists of four pillars:


  1. Goddess Speak:  all-women open mic and performance spaces to facilitate freedom of expression in a loving and non-judgemental sisterhood.

  2. Goddess Release: safe all-women dance spaces to encourage freedom of expression through movement.

  3. Goddess Seek: healing empowerment and self-care workshops for women on topics such as Body-Image and Self-Love.

  4. Goddess Create: hands on workshops that nurture our creativity.


CleeCo is the evolution of Cleo's previous brand: Clee Clothing. The brands' core principles of Personal Growth, Personal Reflection and Personal Expression remain, as Cleo steps into Stage 3 - UNRESTRICTED. CleeCo is a creative agency that takes artists and brands through the processes that Cleo took herself through to create her designs - reflection, expression and growth - in order to build creative, innovative and strategic projects that are tailored to the purposes and intentions of the client. These projects will connect the clients to new and existing audiences in an authentic way, facilitating and encouraging real, human connection - which in turn builds a strong community that are personally invested in the success of the client.

CleeCo works with clients who are aligned with the values of UNRESTRICTED: that as we are brave enough to practice freedom of expression in our own lives, it sets others free. And that this freedom is healing, because this freedom is an act of love - for self and others. 

There is a particular focus, although not exclusively, on working with music artists. CleeCo deeply understands the power of music, and believes it should be used as a force for healing. CleeCo believes in empowering artists with the freedom of expression, encouraging artistic integrity and creative control. The personalised and authentic nature of each project will allow artists to build meaningful relationships with their audiences, leading to lasting careers, rather than falling prey to unforgiving trend-led cycles.

Creative agencies would usually charge the client for the creative services, but CleeCo will take an innovative approach that gives talented unsigned artists a new income stream. We creatively co-develop strategic projects through which the artists can be paid for their art, through fair exchanges of value with both audiences and brands. 

CleeCo is also a platform and home for our projects, building a community around authentic communication which each new brand and artist we work with can be introduced to - creating effective cross-promotion that is beneficial for all involved.

One-to-One Self-Love Sessions



Work with Cleo 1:1 to assist you on your self-love journey. If you're ready to fast-track your growth, book a session to work on any areas that are currently causing a block to you fullfilling and enjoying your life's purpose. Through lifting all things in prayer, Cleo will help you see where you are unconsciously creating resistance and struggle in your life, and help you to create new thought patterns that align you with the ease, joy, wealth and health that God wills for your life. Every session is different and tailored to your needs. If you would like to arrange a free call to see what Cleo may be able to do for your life, drop her an email. 

Email to book a session, to ask any questions, or to book a free call. 


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